COVID-19 Information

This information is subject to frequent change. Please check back regularly and before any appointment with GT for updates to the content of this webpage.

GT Title operates in six locations throughout the State of Utah, including some locations where ‘stay-at-home’ or other restrictive orders have been issued by local authorities. However, all such orders have identified ‘title insurance services’ as an “essential business.” This designation allows GT to continue to provide in-person services by appointment at all of our office locations. This remains the most available and efficient method to sign documents and complete transactions. If you are unable to come to one of our offices because of sickness or concerns related to COVID-19, please call us to discuss alternative signing arrangements.

Please help us prioritize the health and well-being of our people and communities by committing to full compliance with these protective measures:

What you can expect from GT:

  • Any employee that exhibits any sign of illness will remain at home and will not be working in our offices. Any employee that has missed work due to illness will not return to work until they have been symptom free for a full week.
  • Many of our employees are working from home to reduce risk associated with personal interactions. Employees working at our office locations are to practice social distancing by maintaining a distance of six (6) feet between individuals.
  • Door handles and surfaces in reception areas and closing rooms will be sanitized on a regular basis and in between each meeting or closing.
  • We will attempt to schedule meetings/closings so that they do not overlap. If you are required to wait for your closing, we will have you wait in a closing room or waiting area where you are able to maintain a safe distance from other visitors.
  • Your closing documents will be handled with clean hands and our office work surfaces will be sanitized on a regular basis.
  • Hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes will be available in our reception and closing areas.
  • Your signing pen will be new and yours to keep after your closing.
  • We will not shake your hand before or after your closing.

What GT expects from you:

  • In order to limit the size of gatherings and personal interactions, only those persons who are required to sign documents should come to the closing. Please do not bring children or any person who is not required to sign closing documents.
  • Unless in-person attendance is necessary, Real Estate Agents and Loan Officers should consider being available by telephone to address questions or concerns that may arise during the closing.
  • Please do not come to our offices if you are experiencing any symptoms of illness, even if you believe your symptoms are not related to coronavirus infection.
  • Please visit the restroom and wash your hands thoroughly prior to coming into the closing room and again when you are finished handling and signing closing documents.
  • Our escrow officers and other employees will attempt to maintain a safe six-foot distance from you. It doesn’t mean we don’t like you, it means WE LOVE YOU and are concerned for your well-being! Please assist us in preserving this distance. Please do not attempt to encroach on this distance.
  • Please avoid touching your face during the signing process.
  • Please don’t shake hands or make physical contact with our closers, escrow officers, or any other GT team members.
  • Please use a Kleenex (available in all closing rooms) for any coughs or sneezes. We understand that not all coughs or sneezes are related to an illness, but if you have a persistent involuntary cough, please do not come to our offices. After a cough or sneeze, please wash or sanitize your hands again before signing remaining documents.
  • Once you are done signing, we will scan and send copies of signed documents to you via email. No hard copies will be provided. A hard copy can be sent by USPS mail to you if necessary.
  • Take the pen you used to sign documents with you when you leave. It belongs to you.
  • As mentioned previously, please visit the restroom and wash your hands again on your way out.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us regarding the details or logistics of completing your specific transaction.

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