The availability of Remote Online Notarization (RON):

We are aware that some title agencies are promoting the ability to sign closing documents using Remote Online Notary (RON) services. GT also has access to this technology and is capable of providing this service. However, nearly all documents signed using RON for Utah real estate closings are still subject to certain legal challenges and ambiguities. The use of RON for insured transfer and security documents requires the placement of additional exceptions to coverage in the owner’s and lender’s title policies we issue. These coverage exceptions pass risk on to sellers, buyers, and lenders. Therefore, as a title insurance agency dedicated to your protection, it is our strong preference and recommendation to complete closings using time-tested and traditional means and methods that don’t pose any additional risk or uncertainty to the transaction or the parties involved.

Please contact us to discuss ways in which closings may be conducted with limited interpersonal contact between the parties involved in the process.